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Successful Consulting Projects by Dr. Trindade

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1.    Reliability comparison of pump versus valve system for chemical handling in manufacturing of IC’s

2.    Reliability evaluation of die bond issue

3.    Designing a production burn-in screen for microprocessor

4.    Graphical analysis of a company's market share using arrow charts

5.    Designing a sampling plan to measure compliance with financial controls in purchase order program.

6.    Investigation of delamination via temperature cycling

7.    Customer notification of delamination reliability risk

8.    Failure analysis coverage of product signature analysis

9.    Failure rate calculation of expected fallout from leakage mechanisms

10.  Design of experiment for integrated circuit yield improvement

11.  X-ray photolithography modeling

12.  Design of experiment for bipolar process improvement

13.  Sapphire computer usage

14.  Cost reduction by improving wafer sort yield

15.  Estimating probability of failure of device in specific mode during power interruption

16.  Presentation of evacuation data

17.  Forecasting of bookings and billings data

18.  Graphical summary of weekly bookings and billings data for executives

19.  Interpretation of human resource employee survey data

20.  Acceleration factors for devices in two power-on states

21.  Qualification data issues

22.  Confidence intervals for outgoing inspection

23.  Foundry reliability ship levels

24.  Analysis of telecommunications data

25.  High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) evaluation

26.  Reliability analysis of bake recoverable failures

27.  Development of preconditioning tests for semiconductor products

28.  Failure rates for shipments to customers

29.  Wafer Fab topside process evaluation

30.  Lot acceptance probabilities

31.  Reducing testing for moisture in packages

32.  Reliability evaluation

33.  Reliability characterization

34.  Series system assessment

35.  Interpretation of high temperature storage data

36.  Electromigration modeling and field reliability

37.  Aluminum rework plume analysis

38.  SPC for batch processes

39.  Frequency of critical production reports

40.  Charge gain problem reliability analysis

41.  Reliability evaluation of multiple row failures

42.  Estimation of field reliability for cratering and charge loss issues

43.  Analysis of compensation and bonus matrix

44.  Customer quality graphs reporting

45.  Analysis of supplier data

46.  Maintenance procedures for semiconductor processing equipment

47.  Customer corrective action responses

48.  Auditing SPC issues

49.  ISO 9000 requirements for statistical techniques

50.  Statistical software applications

51.  Design of experiment for lifetime evaluation of surgical device

52.  Statistical Analysis of Data for Repairable Systems in the Field

53.  Statistical Modeling of the Reliability of E-Cache Soft Errors in Servers