Consulting: "Practical methods that yield outstanding results."

 Training: "Outstanding instructor with excellent real life application examples."


Practical Applied Consulting and Training for Quality and Reliability Improvement


Stat-Tech provides consulting expertise in the application of statistical methods to solve technical and engineering problems along with practical and applied training for quality and reliability improvement. The focus is on the application of analytical problem-solving techniques such as design of experiments (DOE), statistical process control (SPC),  statistical analysis, and forecasting. Lead by a professional with technical and executive leadership background in quality and reliability operations and extensive experience as a consultant and trainer in industry and academia for many years, Stat-Tech can help any business bring about transformations in quality and reliability. Stat-Tech has worked with many Fortune 500 companies to develop innovative statistical and graphical analysis methods for industrial applications.

The leader of Stat-Tech, David Trindade, Ph.D. has authored many publications and conference presentations, and is the co-author of the very popular book, Applied Reliability. He has directed many teams to success and is known internationally as an expert in the field of reliability. Contact Stat-Tech to help solve your quality and reliability problems and add value to your business.


STAT-TECH is a registered trademark (US Patent Office serial number 75-309,416)